Last Saturday, April, 18TH,2015, parents with their children at the age of kindergarten attended a “CHAT WITH EXPERT” event –     at Kindy City International Preschool. Sharing sessions has fulfilled the expectations of parents in the issues of child nutrition with useful tips from the specialist – Dao Thi Yen Thuy. Along with Creative Curriculum that Kindy City brings, each child will be raised and cultivated in all aspects of development in accordance criteria that the school put out “your child, leave the work of parenting to us!”

Here are the golden rules of nutrition that parents should be noted in the daily child-rearing.

Principle 1:

The development of the child is synthesized from 4 factors: genetics, nutrition, environment and training.

Principle 2:

Phase from 1 to 6 years old is a gold phase of brain development:

  • Age 1: infant brain development is 3 times compared with at birth
  • Age 2: baby brain development is of 80% compared with adults.
  • Age 3: baby brain development is of 100% compared with adults.

Principle 3:

Proper and enough nutrition helps children to develop four aspects: Stature, Brain, Immunology and Digest.

Principle 4:

Factors affecting height:

  • Nutrition: 32%
  • Genetics: 23%
  • Sports: 20%
  • Other factors (sleep, habitat & diseases)

Principle 5:

Nutrition to develop height:

  • Adequate intake of milk (700ml / day)
  • Enough energy & nutrition.
  • Enough nutrition: protein (alpha lactalbumin, lysine), iron, zinc, vitamin A, iodine
  • Sunbathe: 20 minutes / day.

Principle 6:

Nutrition for brain development

  • Essential fats: DHA, AA (Omega 3, 6), Lutein, Taurin, Choline à Milk holds fats needed for brain development of infants.
  • Glucose powering the brain: carbohydrates are the main energy for the brain’s development. à glocose should be provided frequently from blood to stabilize blood sugar.
  • Protein: amino acids should provide for additional full composition of neurotransmitter.
  • Vitamins and minerals: Vitamins and minerals are necessary to nourish brain cells.

Principle No. 7:

To strengthen body resistance to non-malnourished children, note the following precautions:

  • Adding the necessary qualities: Protein, iron, zinc, vitamin A, C …
  • Sleep enough time
  • Physical activity

Principle No. 8:

To increase the resistance to children, parents need to keep in mind:

  • Add cellulose: Oligofructose (FOS, GOS) in whole grains and fruits and vegetables.
  • Beneficial bacteria is found in yogurt.
  • Physical activities

Some images were recorded during workshops:


Experts of the Kindy City Preschool and Dr. Dao Thi Yen Thuy are responding to inquiries from parents


Children play with teachers



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