Many children not only see pets as “pets” but also as their family members and close friends. Some of the kids often share thoughts or private secrets with their pets.


Just by using colored stripes, students can cut and stick,
to make cages for little friends by themselves.

As an important learning theme in April, the “Caring for Pets” project is an integrated learning system. It is designed to help children get acquainted with pets and improve their motor skills through caring-for-pet games, such as grooming, brushing, bathing, drying and feeding the pets.

Taking care of pets helps kids to be more responsible, self-confident, disciplined and teaches them other important skills.

In order to elicit students’ ability to solve the problem and enable them to have an opportunity for personal creativity, in the “Caring for Pets” project, children will be trained to distinguish different kinds of pets based on the specificity. They will have chance to make costumes for birds, identify and print the animal bones on paper. In particular, children will play the role of “detective” to trace the footprints of pets and simulate their ways of moving.

We happily invite parents to enjoy many exciting activities, with teachers and students from Kindy City International Preschool.


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