With the colder weather in Saigon indicating that Christmas is getting closer, we can see festive decorations and hear Christmas songs everywhere in the town.

To welcome students to the ‘Christmas Wonderland to Kindy City,’ our school has put on the glamorous Christmas atmosphere, twinkling with lights and tinsel, in harmony with traditional Christmas tunes.

Activities related to the origin of the Christmas Festival and tales about Santa Claus or the obedient children on Christmas Night is an inevitable part at Kindy City.

With the Christmas theme project, students get to develop their fine motor skills and practice the habit of completing their own tasks via a range of activities, transforming their classroom into an imaginary skating rink, painting the cups in green to build a Christmas tree, or decorating a log cake from sponge, to name just a few.

More interestingly, students will undergo enjoyable experiences with festive culture and teamwork spirits, they also have an opportunity to enhance communication skills by visiting and receiving presents at Santa’s Ghetto, or enjoy dancing along typical Christmas songs, or listen to the fairy tale about Rudolph the Red-nose reindeer.

Only exclusive at Kindy City – where children’s talents and creativity are cherished and nurtured.


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