Kids care for pets as they care for their family members and close friends. Kids even talk and share with their pets their thought and secrets like a routine.

“Caring for Pets” project is a key academic theme in April which integrates and increase kids’ knowledges and awareness about pets. Kids are expected to familiarize themselves with pets as well as advance the fine motor skills throughout activities such as grooming, taking care of teeth and feeding pets.

Kids discover the habitat of pets in activity “Help pets back home”

3Kids practice distinguishing little friends’ food

viber image4Students experience “A day of a veteran”

Students participate in role play as a Detector to investigate pets’ feet and imitate their movement.

Knowing how to care for pets helps kids be more responsible, confident and disciplined. Other skills could be absorbed and enhanced via this activity too.

“Caring for pets” project inspires children to comprehend their skills and offer them opportunities to express their individual creativity through designing birds’ costumes; matching and printing pets’ bones on the paper.


Students mix colors, shape and stick little friends.

 910While younger students are trying to print pets’ bones in the right position, older students are decorating their classes’ walls.

“I splash water onto the ducks but no one swims” said the student to the teacher; “Why does it swim the another way?” “Teacher, my duck can swim” are the most popular questions asked in the Duck Racing area.

Furthermore, Kindy City students enjoyed a field trip to Pet Me Coffee and Bang Lang Café where they could meet different pets.

The students are instructed on how to identify differences and characteristics among birds and parrots as well as remember their names.


   The students are, at first, afraid when touching these animals; however, they feel joyful just a bit later when they can connect to the new animals.

 15The shy rabbits show their hesitation in front of new comers, which attracts a lot of kids’ interest

 16Learn how to feed turtles

Kids make acquaintances with the white porcupine

Making friend with pets also shows kids awareness of responsibility, faithfulness and love for pets daily.

Experiencing the nurturing and caring for pets brings both kids and parents the sweet moments. Thus, there should have a suitable choice of pets and ensure nurturers and nurtured ones to be kept safe and strong.


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