Academic school year 2017-2018 officially ended on May 27th 2018 with the marking of learning development of all levels. We will start the special summer program “Active Play Active Learning Summer 2018” from June 4th to July 27th 2018.


This is the opportunity for students to report back to their parents the results of their learning through their self-created products, musical performances as well as for the school to report to the parents the general result of learning. Kindy City International Preschool organized End of School Year Ceremony on May 26th 2018 at Adora Luxury, 198 Hoang Van Thu street, award 9, Phu Nhuan district, HCM.C


Apart from academic result recognition and musical performance of students, school will send  the certificates of merit and presents to students throughout the school year.


To make the ceremony more solemn in terms of giving good care in learning and practicing  from educators, you are expected to attend this event along with your children.


Your attendance is constructive to the success of the ceremony in order to recognize the students’learning development result throughout the school year.


Board of management and teaching staff are honored to welcome parents.


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