For kindergarten, the educational methodology needs to be balanced between playing and acquiring new knowledge.


Taking advantage of entertaining and playing activities to effectively develop children’s mental and critical thinking has been proven scientifically.


Mental Development through play


Studies on developing psychology at pre-school age confirms that children begin to acquire external knowledge from birth or maybe even earlier. Many practical researches have demonstrated theoretical reseach that the fetus is able to recognize things from the womb.

From Birth to Five years old children develop key skills, they do this through games and play. Playing is the most common language and represents the health and development of the children.


Playing is the main activity of pre-school children.

In fact, children acquire most knowledge in the early years. They can learn anywhere, anytime, from family to their class mates and community. They also learn about behaviors through relationships between themselves and other people around including parents, grandparents, friends and teachers in the classroom.

One of the first lessons is how to show, express and manage emotions while playing.
Playing activities – whether at home or in the classroom, if educationally intended, will be an opportunity for them to develop mentally and cognitively. In fact, the more the children play, the stronger, more flexible and active they will become. Learning through fun activities is the basis for shaping intelligence, contributing to the success of the future of young children.


When dressing as doctors, nurses and patients,
children learn more about the occupations in life.

Learn through play model


Learn through play is a new method for Pre-schoolers. All school learning activities are run in the form of play. This method not only strengthens physical, social – emotional life but also enhances scientific knowledge and artistic skills of the children. By many ways, the games always bring different experiences so that the children will recognize themselves and the natural world in a gentle way.

Learn through play is also an educational method applied at  Kindy City International Pre-School System. During the 38 weeks of the mainstream program, lessons are designed for classroom games and extended to over 70 activities taking place indoors and outdoors.


Exploring science is one of the possible activities
that can infatuate the children for hours

In order to expand the opportunities for kids to develop comprehensively, Kindy City International Pre-School System brings Creative Curriculum of Teaching Strategies to Vietnam. With this curriculum, each school game is designed to help kids consolidate their knowledge, learn how to find information and build knowledge.


Kindy City believes that children need to play to learn.

Readers can watch videos on the mission of Kindy City here. In order to know more about the school’s vision and educational contents, please follow us at www.kindycity.edu.vn or via email: info@kindycity.edu.vn.

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