How to rear preshoolers properly and effectively

KINDY CITY’s wholehearted effort

A legitimate desire of parents is to have their children reared and develop in the right way so that they will have a life of confidence and steadiness in the future. Right from the days when kids learn how to speak, parents play a role as their children’s first teachers, from teaching kids how to behave to conveying initial knowledge about the world around them. Seeking a learning environment that is suitable for their children is always anxiety-provoking for parents, especially for those with children at preschool age.


It is not easy when they start entering the environment outside the family. Children often feel strange, alienated and sometimes resist because they cannot identify with what they have already been familiar. Meanwhile, the first question from parents is whether the environment is safe enough for their kids or not. The results of scientific studies have proven that children begin to trust people outside of their family at the ages of 3 – 5. They are in need of socialization, desire for the autonomy, they raise ideas and prove themselves in their own ways. More importantly, they are eager to observe and explore the world around them with a great curiosity; more than that, they complement the acquired knowledge so as to improve themselves in their own tendency and perspectives. In other words, an ideal learning environment for the children to play, study and fully assimilate into the mini-society has to meet the basic elements: a friendly, safe environment and a suitable space for all activities which help to improve the children’s knowledge and ability.

Understanding the wishes of the parents, the specific needs of children and their psychological age, as well as the teaching principles, Kindy City International Preschool will create an ideal learning environment for the children to be best developed in all aspects including cognitive, physical, social – emotional, language and arts. This together with character building will guide the children in becoming enthusiastic learners who know how to learn and to behave. They will not only be provided with both the necessary knowledge and life skills to enter Year One of any international or national primary schools with confidence and ease, but also to continue to develop at the school levels that follow immediately and throughout their lives. The curriculum at KINDY CITY is constructed upon the National Framework Early Years Learning Program and CREATIVE CURRICULUM of Teaching Strategies (America). Studying at KINDY CITY, learners will sure have:

  • A safe, caring and friendly learning environment.
  • Learning through Play.
  • Growth in Knowledge and Character.

Rearing children properly and effectively requires efforts from all sides: from children themselves, their families, teachers and all individuals involved in the educational community. This is the commitment and wholehearted effort of KINDY CITY International Preschool.


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