Last weekend, Kindy City International Preschool organised an Open Day about the Special Science Study that will take place during the summer 2016. This program, with its focus on science and related activities is called the “FUNTASTIC SCIENCE QUEST.”


The 9-week long ‘Funtastic Science Quest’ (beginning May 30 and concluding July 29) is part of the academic and developmental program that runs throughout the year. With 27 sophisticatedly-designed activities based around the American Creative Curriculum, ‘Funtastic Science Quest 2016’ is aimed at helping children to get used to critical thinking, to stimulate their creativity, help improve their life skills and better their linguistic skills, as well as ultimately boosting their physical development.

With the effective studying approach of ‘Learn through Play’, students will have many chances to both share and communicate with others. Using scientific experiments, students will not only gain wider perspectives of the world and the natural environment, but they will also get to exercise their patience and the spirit of pursuing work until it’s done. More importantly, these activities under the science theme will gradually form the habit of positive critical thinking, questioning, commenting, analysing and presenting. Particularly during these 9 weeks, the children will build an ‘I can do it!’ attitude, and get excited for the up-coming new school year.



The Open Day received positive feedback from parents as well as enabling the sharing of experiences amongst the parents of Kindy City.

From now until May 20, 2016, Kindy City International Preschool offers a special discount of “20% tuition off” when parents sign up for “FUNTASTIC SCIENCE QUEST”



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