The seventh week of Creative Learning Summer at Kindy City International Preschool is covered of “MORE ABOUT LINES & SHAPES” themed activities.

hinh trong bai

The students could apply their imagination and creativity to make spirals, mazes or shapes in various materials through motor activities of “MORE ABOUT LINES & SHAPES” Discovery Time.

In addition, students strengthen their understanding about lines and shapes when participating in tracing and drawing lines, connecting dots. Students develop fine motor skills when incorporating with hand skills: cut, glue, make paper fan, darts, whales, tulips, stone art pictures. Learners can  practice movement by following different lines and directions. Students also study  social skills as learning with friends, keeping safety in the public elevators, keeping balance in aerobics, and increase concentration and flexibility in Yoga class.

One more spectacular experience is students’ taking part in creative games, discovering many wonderful ice shapes and lines in the Dam Sen park.

Follow us on our exiting journey and see what we have been learning.


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