Lunar New Year is a chance for children to enjoy many traditional folk games, such as lion dances, stilt walking, throwing a sacred ball through the ring, rope bridge, etc. Children will definitely never forget these exciting Spring Games in their memories.

Understanding your child’s needs and mentality, Kindy City’s Spring Floriade 2017 does not just have games for kids, it also helps them to develop the ability to think and broaden their creativity and skillfulness.

In order to kick off the Spring Floriade 2017, the children performed lion dances by combining the flexibility of their legs, the grip of their hands and focused vision when wearing the lion dance’s costumes.

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Children received a lot of applause response from the classmates, parents and teachers


a1 (1) Performing arts and fashion shows are two of the activities that give children the opportunity to show boldness when being on stage.

The children have been told “The story of Vietnamese rice cakes” (Su tich banh chung – banh tet) and clearly instructed step by step. Every child hand wraps and puts his/her rice cake in the pot to boil. The children are very excited to learn more about traditional things and make Vietnamese specialties during Tet holiday.


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Painting is one of the activities through which the child can develop their concentration and perseverance. This is also an activity that helps children relax while showing creativity for their products. Young children can color the different shapes and sizes that they like which helps them feel like they have finished their work and can show it off to their parents.

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Children chose their own things / animals to color as they like.




Children tried calligraphy for Tet holiday.

With balancing games, the child’s feet needs to feel the surface while the hand holds the object and above all the eye and mind needs to focus on going forward without falling. This is not only a chance for the children to train their balancing skill but also helps to stimulate brain development when combining multiple movements at the same time.

Children were interested in discovering the game “Ca Kheo”

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Curious to find ways to cross the “Rope Bridge”

In addition, the children could compete with each other in folk games such as hopscotch and throwing a sacred ball through the ring as well as enjoy special foods for Tet celebrations.

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