Trò chơi dân gian tò he

It is rare to find moments of children enjoying traditional toys among countless cutting-edge toys in this technology era. Kindergartens, in the heart of Saigon, still immerse themselves in Tò He – toy figurines – with vivid colors to preserve the beauty of the tranquil childhood.

Trò chơi dân gian tò he
Tò He – traditional toys

The security staff from Trương Định campus of KINDY CITY International Preschool are playing old Tò He artisans giving the appearance of Áo Dài – the Vietnamese traditional dress, and Khăn Đóng – a fabric crown-like accessory made of starched brocaded woven silk, and children also love surrounding the artisans.

The difference between available toys and Tò He toys is that children have to deliver a precise description of their favorite characters to artisans, and that children are required to be utmost patience for the complete craft. During Tò He making-time, children witness the formation of a Tò He figurine made from a glutinous rice powder and shaped into a complete figurine with its inner soul.

Tò he thu hút các em
Children are attracted to Tò He

Meanwhile, children can vividly imagine their favorite characters, the artisans visualize figurines and shape them immediately: Doreamon, Hello Kitty, Pikachu, Donald Duck, Spider-Man, pandas, dolphins, and roses.

The children at Trương Định campus are on cloud nine with their Tò He toys that are friendly, simple, and unique, but not everyone has these toys.

It is time to enjoy Tò He toys at Trương Định campus in the folk spring festival.

Bé thích chơi tò he
The children like Tò He toys








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