Kindy City International Preschool involves bilingual education of The Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework that is integrated with The Early Childhood Education Curriculum in Vietnam. Putting top priority on children’s full development, Kindy City focuses not only on building children’s knowledge or intellect and physical ability but also developing their personalities and particularly essential skills for early ages.


To achieve this aim, we are looking for creative and dynamic candidates who are also enthusiastic about Early Childhood Education.


Accordingly, we are currently recruiting the following positions:

English Teacher



Chào mừng Quý phụ huynh đã truy cập vào website chính thức của Hệ thống trường Mầm non Quốc tế KINDY CITY. Phụ huynh vui lòng điền vào biểu mẫu. KINDY CITY sẽ sớm liên lạc lại để giải đáp cặn kẽ những thắc mắc của Quý phụ huynh.

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