At KINDY CITY INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL, children are best developed in all aspects so as to become enthusiastic learners, knowing how to learn and to behave. They will not only be provided with both the necessary knowledge and life skills to enter Year ONE of any international or national primary school with confidence and ease, but also to continue to develop the school levels that follow immediately and throughout their lives.

The curriculum at KINDY CITY INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL is constructed upon the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework and the National Framework Early Years Learning program. With the review and integration of teaching and development assessment objectives and indicators for children aged 2-5, the School fully applies the pedagogical principles, teaching and learning facilities as well as supporting and scaffolding strategies as recommended by the Creative Curriculum Systems, which are being widely used in the USA and well-developed countries.

Bilingual curriculum and an integrated Nursery Program of the Ministry of Education &Training also a Creative Curriculum Program from the United States taught by Vietnamese and expat teachers. This will enable students to not only have solid background knowledge but also relevant study skills as a foundation for entering Grade 1 with full confidence in elementary  international and public schools.

Josephson Institute of America has a personality Development program with 6 standard values: Respect, trust, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship consciousness are applied thoroughly through learning and playing activities. In a friendly and safe learning environment, along with the special care for each child, teachers are always those instructing, performing, encouraging, and setting a good example for students to follow.

Content development and learning in all grades at KINDY CITY include 10 levels of learning and development, in which the lessons and activities in and out of classroom are combined into a unified chain with intentional reviews, strengthening and enriching within not only knowledge but also academic skills for students.


Tuition and Fees applied for 2018 -2019 school year