From the construction of the courses to the equipment used at the school, all matters comply with the DOET’s safety regulations and are regularly inspected by the appropriate authorities.

It is especially important to note that all the learning equipment, namely tables, chairs, and play tools are made of wood with safe and friendly designs to European CE standards.


Care is procedurized closely to ensure optimal safety and to reach every child.  From working in shifts to passing assessment reviews onto the concerned parties, all programs are fully and professionally implemented by school managers, teachers and the caregivers.


At KINDY CITY, children receive periodical general health and dental health check-ups by the school’s pediatrics and by other prestigious health care organizations within the city.

The students’ diet and nutrition at Kindy City International Pre-school is properly carried out as requested by the Department of Health and Food Safety Hygiene of District and City as well as under the severe supervision, and inspection of this agency. All meals are served by School Food Company, Caterer, a prestigious food supplier currently providing meals for a lot of International Schools in HCM City.


In the light of the natural and pleasurable “LEARN THROUGH PLAY” approach, the study contents are linked and grouped into 10 AREAS OF INTERESTS. The overall advantage of these areas of interests is to enable children to approach and relate issues to their own learned knowledge, and, at the same time, to offer opportunities for them to complement with each other and co-construct knowledge through natural interactions with peers.