Creative Curriculum Program works closely with the reality, helps kids perceive knowledge naturally, not forcing but assisting them in forming their habit of analyzing, perceiving, and freely developing all matters personally, forming independence, confidence, self-careness at the young ages.


Individualized teaching method: focuses on their perception and development of each individual so that teachers can support accordingly. Besides being an instructor, modelling in all learning and playing activities, teachers also work as observers and designers so that every student can build up their understanding and enhance their own skills

The child’s development in all areas is always observed, assessed based on Creative Curriculum Standards and recorded in the Child Assessment Portfolio in a sequence along with a scaffolding method which can help teachers both regulate and fully develop each child’s learning level.

Co-teaching method and united themes – TEAM TEACHING: Vietnamese and expat teachers are working on one theme assigned in order to develop, consolidate and expand knowledge, enhance skills for kids as well as help them confidently express their ideas and personal feeling.

The school fully applies developing and innovative teaching methodology to help them grow comprehensively based on relaxed, light but effective methodology “LEARN THROUGH PLAY” – coordinating lessons with games inside and outside of the classroom arises their interest and passion of learning.

Various and most updated teaching equipment such as computers, LCD lights, Smart Pads, laptops, Ipads, especially learning software installed onto Ipads helps students practice skills and take in knowledge naturally. Moreover, they can also assist students in self-study and self -play in order to develop comprehensively – intelligence, language and creativity.


In the light of the natural and pleasurable “LEARN THROUGH PLAY” approach, the study contents are linked and grouped into 10 AREAS OF INTERESTS. The overall advantage of these areas of interests is to enable children to approach and relate issues to their own learned knowledge, and, at the same time, to offer opportunities for them to complement with each other and co-construct knowledge through natural interactions with peers. Within a 32 weeks’ length, the study contents for all the grade levels include the following areas:


A child’s character begins at home and continues to develop at school. Character education concerns various aspects, from understanding, emotions to different behaviors. As such, for children to form proper behaviors, the school should then act as an incubator creating exemplary and human practices vividly demonstrating living values as guidance for children’s lives in later years.