Greetings to parents and a warm welcome to your children from KINDY CITY INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL – where each and every child will continuously explore, experience and develop as they embark upon on their first learning journey.

The early years are the most fundamental learning time for young minds, helping children build the foundation not only for their later academic years but also for the rest of their lives. Within this crucial period, children often learn through play, helping them improve their learning skills and nurture their knowledge. This first learning experience takes place within the family and within the school, wherein every teacher and staff member has the responsibility to contribute, cooperate and coordinate with each other for to achieve the common goal, which is TO HELP EVERY CHILD ACHIEVE THEIR FULLEST POTENTIAL behind the motto: “Your children, our students!”.

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Again, thank you for all the trust that you place in the school and we sincerely hope that your children will continue to experience many more joyful, enduring and memorable moments with us in the early years of their lives.