How to let your preschool child properly learn and develop?


A legitimate desire of parents is to have their children reared and develop in the right way so that they will have a life of confidence and steadiness in the future. Right from the days when kids learn how to speak, parents play a role as their children’s first teachers, from teaching kids how to behave to conveying initial knowledge about the world around them. Seeking a learning environment that is suitable for their children is always anxiety-provoking for parents, especially for those with children at preschool age.

It is not easy when they start entering the environment outside the family. Children often feel strange, alienated and sometimes resist because they cannot identify with what they have already been familiar. Meanwhile, the first question from parents is whether the environment is safe enough for their kids or not. Understanding the wishes of the parents, the specific needs of children and their psychological age, as well as the teaching principles, Kindy City International Preschool would like to hold a sharing orientation of child-rearing. This is built on the foundation of the Preschool Program of Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training and the CREATIVE CURRICULUM Teaching Strategies from the USA, in order to help children become confident and creative thinkers.

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