Recently, Kindy City International Preschool had held a periodic training workshop for all expat teachers and Vietnamese teaches – a chance for all faculty to connect, collaborate and share pedagogical methods.

In the training, Dr.Thai Duy Bao- the school Board of Directors representative highlighted the professional qualities of kindergarten teachers that fully manifest in Kindy City’s mission to provide students with a safe and friendly environment for learning and developing as well as the respect for personality differences so that children can grow in knowledge and character.

Toàn cảnh buổi Tập huấn thường kỳ tại KINDY CITY
The overview pic of the training at Kindy City


As stated by Dr. Bao, there were 5 words to describe Kindy City teacher’s professional qualities: Respect, Responsibility, willingness to learn, Cooperation, Dedication.

Teachers whose missions are to teach and to take care of students need to fulfill their job with high responsibility- to put it simply, teachers should be aware of their tasks, and why they implement work through lesson plans and teaching diary to keep track of development progress of their students. By doing this, teachers can facilitate students’ learning as well as keep their colleagues and parents updated with the students’ development.

Phẩm chất chuyên nghiệp của người thầy KINDY CITY: Tôn trọng, trách nhiệm, học hỏi, hợp tác, chuyên tâm
The Professional traits of Kindy City teacher: Respect, Responsibility, Willingness to learn, Cooperation, Dedication.

Dr. Bao also noted that to become a better educator, our teachers should reflect themselves on the progress and continue to learn and sharpen their teaching skill as well as their awareness of students’ mental and physiological development. After all, pedagogical professionalism requires teachers being a role model to have a good impact on students.

Người thầy là hình ảnh mẫu mực trước và sau lưng trẻ để các em noi theo
A teacher is a role model for students

The training workshop brought out the feeling of excitement, and empathy as well as fostered the camaraderie among the teaching faculty.


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