On the weekend of the 15th and 16th of April there will be a sequence of events that will take place at Tân Phú Celedon city which is organized by Kindy City International Preschool together with Gamula joint-stock company.


Knowledge and talent of a child are formed in the first 5 years. However, the main activity of the children at this age is play. Learning through play is the common language and this together with focusing on the health of the children is of most importance.

Understanding the wishes of the parents, their children’s specific needs and psychological ages, as well as teaching methodology, there are many activities suitable for the children. These include art designing with paper, sandy pictures and plaster painting. Construction tables also help children enhance their intelligence. Children can try out math concepts through making a plant model and playing with Lego. They are challenged to how fast they can be in making a dragonfly model and whale model. Their creativity is put to the test with play dough and coloring activities. Under the instruction of the Vietnamese English teachers and foreign teachers, children are able to take part in activities in an easy way that leaves them with fond memories of Kindy City International Preschool, their second home.

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In order for a child to develop in a natural and harmonious way, KINDY CITY has applied The Creative Curriculum Teaching Strategies as the teaching methodology of the school. Accordingly, children are educated and develop quickly and properly in modern conditions. Furthermore, children enjoy play that is suitable for their age.

In order to have a clear view of studying and nursing at KINDY CITY, we would warmly welcome all parents to take part in this event that is taking place at Tân Phú Celedon City. Moreover, children have the chance to get used to learning through our activities.

Also, when parents enroll their children in “The Creative Curriculum Teaching Strategies” at the event on the 15th – 16th April, you will be awarded an IPAD AIR 2.

The Board of Directors, together with the teachers at KINDY CITY International Preschool, are pleased to welcome you and your children at this event.


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