Understanding parents’ wishes, typical needs and psychology of children from preschool ages along with teaching principles, KINDY CITY INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL plans to bring an ideal learning environment for children to develop in all aspects, especially in KNOWLEDGE AND CHARACTER.


For the first time in Vietnam, the advanced program named CREATIVE CURRICULUM of Teaching Strategies ( The United States)- is applied in the foundation of the Nusery Program of the Ministry of Education and Training in order to assuer children:

  • Benefit from a  safe, caring and friendly learning environment(A safe, caring and friendly learning environment)
  • Get access to the reality through “Learning through Play
  • Grow in Knowledge and Character

Until now, besides the first school located at 68 Tran Quoc Thao, Ward 7, District 3, KINDY CITY INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL will officially open and operate School number 2 at 437 Cong Hoa, Ward 15, Tan Binh District at the end of June, 2015.  



The campus offers an area of more than 1.300 m2, the new school has following features:

– 15 classrooms and spacious functional place equipped with air-conditioners, teaching materials, learning and resting conditions for children that meet the standards of Creative Curriculum- Teaching Strategies which KINDY CITY INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL is implementing under one form for all schools

– Curriculum Resource Center is spacious and well-equipped with teaching aids, learning- teaching materials and interface space enough for 10 areas of development.

– The functional areas such as playing music, drawing, dancing are available for children to practice their talent, and they are specialized so as to improve creativity competence and develop individual tendencies.

Caring facilities and services are also in operation at the Medical Room, Dinning room which also meet the standards of Creative Curriculum, and are frequently appraised by the correct authorities.

– There is big open space with plants in the playground and regularly supervised to ensure the maximum security for all learning and playing activities as well as the extra-curricular activities.



The total long-term investment for the new school based at Cong Hoa is more than 30 billion Dong. This represents the commitment and profound passion of our school towards the children we are teaching raising to become successful adults in our society


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