Parents have the tendency to get a bit too anxious if their children love playing with sand or playing in the rain, climbing up and down or running around. Yet just calm down, our dear parents, sand and water play offers children opportunities to use their senses to discover the natural world, and this also helps promote their physical development in an enjoyable way.


This month’s series of integrated activities ai Kindy City International Preschool will help children to have unstructured play time with sand and enrich both social skills and creativity via SHAPING SAND CASTLES and MAKING SAND FOAM. Students will also get to practice fine – motor skills, and combine hand – eye movements while participating in SHELL ART and MAKING COLORED SAND BOTTLES.

This will be unforgettable memories for our kids to experience and enjoy team spirit with CRAB RACING and CRAB FISHING.

Kindy City International Preschool welcomes all parents to join these exciting activities with our little Kindy Citizens.



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