Children often know how to draw before write, and also from this point of time, their talent of art is also reflected in their work. “How do parents discover and nurture their children’s talent of art?” That was the theme topic that Mr. Le Si Hoang(M.A) shared to all parents at the Kindy City International Preschool workshop in early May. Parents should pay attention to the following signs of children:


  • Early signs of children’s art talent
    • Unable to sit still
    • Damage everything around
    • Like arranging furniture
    • Like playing puzzle games
    • Is a responsible person
  • Signs to identify gifted children in language (active language)
    • Talking incessantly
    • Wide vocabulary development
    • Read early and fast
    • Listen quickly
    • Recall information fairly easily
    • Eager to learn new things



STPH 10.1STPH 10.2
  • Signs to identify gifted children in cognition
    • Very curious
    • Observe well
    • Concentrate long
    • Interested in many things
    • Great memory
    • Creative imagination
    • Correct thinking, flexibility, originality
  • Signs to identify gifted children in social relations
    • Good relationship with relatives
    • Get familiar fast with strangers, have good relations with people in different ages
    • Concerned about the issues around (weather, friends …)
    • Skeptical, critical and evaluative thinking
    • Being proactive, initiated in the fun games
    • The ability to discuss complex issues such as ethics, morality and religion.
  • Signs to identify sensitive and emotional children
    • Sensitive to the feelings of others
    • Sensitive to their own physical or emotional feelings
    • Humor in situations or words
    • Easily damaged
    • Have compassion, good direction
    • Clearly demonstrate their ability of being sensitive to the beauty – ugliness of sentiments, things and events.
  • Signs to identify children with creative thinking.
    • Perfectionist, full of energy.
    • Like telling story, drawing, singing
    • Clever
    • Like to play with older children and adults
    • Easily see the connection between ideas, objects
    • Believe their idea and what they do
    • The ability to concentrate for long periods


STPH 10.3STPH 10.4

Above are the signs for parents to discover their child’s talent, but if the child does not show those signs, do not be so disappointed, because there are young talents revealed slowly and mysteriously. Parents feel free to let your child  have a chance to express their potential. Parents should also refer to those who are regularly close with your child, such as grandparents, teachers to have more insight. In particular, children are always absolutely love is the condition for children to fulfill their capabilities.


Mr. Le Si Hoang



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