Taking care of preschool children is not only the concerns and efforts of our school but also from the cooperation of parents. The majority of parents usually face with many problem in taking care of their children if they are not experienced or don’t have a sound knowledge on nourishing small children.

KINDY CITY PRESCHOOL  has a good understanding about this, thus we regularly hold discussion and exchanging opinion sessions to provide you with chances to express your own problem in raising your kids and have satisfactory advices from related specialists.




THỜI GIAN (dự kiến)


Nutrition and development for Preschool children

Dr. Yến Thủy



The psychophysiology development in Preschool age

PhD. Bích Hồng



The creative thinking development of children through painting

Artist Sỹ Hoàng



The prevention of common illnesses for children

Dr. Đỗ Hồng Ngọc


It is different from regular seminars, attendants at KINDY CITY DISCUSSION can directly discuss with specialists from different fields. Parents can present their own problems then discuss and ask for proper advice from specialists. We ask for your registration along with your question(s), send it to our school, we will act as a bridge between you and nutritionists giving you most suitable solutions to individual matters.

Even those who have never had troubles with their children should take part in these discussion sessions because these provide sounds opportunities to share your experience and gain more knowledge on related matters of concern, which is worth your time investing in this activity.

Beside preparing plan with lots of activities to parents, KINDY CITY PRESCHOOL also has playful activities in charge by native and expat teaching staff for their children on visiting our school on this special day. Please have more inquiries about our playground:

  1. ART CORNER with competition for little painters, MY FAVORITE SUMMER in charge by Designer Sy Hoang at Painting Booth with diversified attractive animation drawings.
  2. HELPING HANDS, an active competition for children learning in team work and individual skills.
  3. And lastly is a film show namely SUPER WINGS, an outstanding movie production of Lego Company.

In order to assure a successful result and have time for good  preparation from specialists we will inform you with a limit number for registration. Thus would you please register in advance through the following channels of information:

The Board of Directors, teachers, and nursery nurses welcome all of you parents and children visiting us at  KINDY CITY in the nearest future.


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