When it comes to nurturing we tend to have different views, and even thoughts of SUMMER TIME for children. Many think that it’s not necessary to send preschoolers to school in summer. Meanwhile, others prepare a full schedule for children with activities like swimming, playing instruments, painting, or learning foreign languages. Some even take their annual leave to travel with children in order to add more beautiful memories “pages” to their “childhood memories”. Parents also want their children to spend their summer reviewing, practicing or even learning some subjects in advance so as to catch up with their peers, not to mention wishing their children will outperform in the new school year.

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Behind these different thoughts lies an understandable concern of knowledge, talent, and relaxing time for children. Expectations of parents in Western countries when considering summer camp for children are no exception. However, the allowed time and learning methods applied in summer programs are worth considering and choosing.


It is actually hard to get an ideal summer for all of the children, but the most worthy SUMMER is the time that the children get the right balance between fun activities and learning, both developing aspects harmoniously from intelligence, language, aesthetics, society to physicality, just get the satisfaction, excitement and finally confidence and mental readiness for success in the next year to new energy sources. 



Understanding these concerns and perspectives on modern parenting, KINDY CITY international preschool applies a summer program called “FANTASTIC PRESCHOOL SUMMER 2015” designed towards modulus, in the form of small projects including 22 chains of practial activities in order to increase students’ skills and improve knowledge of Mathematics, Science, English, besides the arts as modern Music, Dance (Ball Dance and Flash Mob), painting, shape, life values education like dignity, justice and  responsibility intergrated in all learning activities both in and outside the classroom, including picnic program and FANTASTIC SUMMER camp Jamboree.

With a length of 10 weeks, this program is an amazing experience where children are taught by both Vietnamese and foreign teachers in order to develop their critical thinking through “learn through play” method, and every child’s attention span is noticed based on the individualized teaching motto.


It can be considered as an innovative effort when KINDY CITY strongly carries out summer educational program, along with the procedure of implementing and model standard of Creative Curriculum (USA) and Nusery Programe Framework from Ministry of Eduation and Training with an unanimous purpose to create passion of learning for children, help them know how to learn and be confident to move forward to the new school year.







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