Kids at different age levels can directly benefit by participating in the summer course; it will also indirectly bring their family joy.



Outside of the daily school framework, summer time can offer children the opportunity to make friends, practice skills, experience, discover and strengthen their health. For children living in urban areas, summer is the chance to separate them from many modern facilities such as game applications and any unhealthy routines involved in staring at phones, tablets or computers for long periods of time.

Parents should weigh up the benefits that a summer program can offer to kindergartern learners, especially children who will be experiencing preschool for the first time or moving on to a new learning level.


Learn to follow routine and regulations



With activities aimed around the school schedule, students will become familiar with obeying rules and following plans both in indoor activities and on site trips. Students follow teachers’ instructions, respect class rules and step-by-step will build responsibility together with their classmates and teachers.


Know how to self care



The summer program is a fantastic experience which is challenging but also appealing to parents of children who are leaving home for outside world. Children become less shy and replace their hesitation with the full intergration by being in a program such as this.


Social and studying skills



Though the central features of the summer program are to improve kids’ physical development, the other benefits children can absorb are studying skills and social integration. Children become more confident and gain essential learning skills in observing surroundings, searching for information, expressing needs and presenting their thoughts. Kids also understand rules in activities, learning how to play together or protect their interests. This is how they blend in a team and seamlessly move out of their comfort zones, all the while proactively expressing their ideas. Their language ability will increase accordingly too.


What could Cre-Active Learning Summer at Kindy City offer?

The eight weeks of Creative Learning Summer at Kindy City is a wonderful time for all children to feel mature, strong, confident and ready to work as a team and with teamates.



With more than forty series of indoor and outdoor activities, accounting for seventy per cent of studying time, students are offered oppportunities to join in physical activities like water polo and different sports at Hoa Lu Stadium and Dam Sen park. They can become familiar with visual art like drawing, mosaics and blending colors or they can develop fine motor skills along with the site trips to University of Fine Art, a water puppet show, Ice Art and the laser light effects in 3D Art.

What is more, teachers will encourage awareness about environment and their responsibility to the earth. Not only does their mother tongue communication develop but their vocabulary and communication in English will be encouraged and will rapidly advance.


The summer program at Kindy City meets many of parents and teachers expectations. If  parents feel their child would benefit, you can register your children at the following campuses.


Kindy City International Preschool

Website: www.kindycity.edu.vn

Email: info@kindycity.edu.vn


* [Campus in District 3] 68 Trần Quốc Thảo, Ward No 7, District No 3, HCM city (08 3932 6164)

* [Campus in Tân Bình District] 437 Cộng Hòa, Ward No 15, Tân Bình District, HCM city (08 3812 1166)

* [Campus in Bình Thạnh District] 31/3 Điện Biên Phủ, Ward No 15, Bình Thạnh District, TP.HCM (08 3514 0208)

* [Campus in District 2] 01 Ngô Quang Huy, Thảo Điền Ward, District No 2, HCM city (083 8989 358)

* [Campus in Phú Nhuận District] 472 Phan Xích Long, Ward No 3, Phú Nhuận District, HCM city (08 39955 662)

* [Campus in Bình Tân District] 164 – 166 Vành Đai Trong, Bình Trị Đông B Ward, Bình Tân District, HCM (08 38777 997)

* [Campus in District 7] Street No 6, Him Lam, District No 7, HCM city.

(08 3932 6165)


Video link about the Mission of Kindy:

Film Director Đoàn Minh Tuấn (Parent of student Đoàn Lê Đan Thanh) shares his thought on Kindy City International Preschool


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