News summary: Thanh Nien News published on 25 March 2015

The development process of children may happen in a predictable course. For instance, kids crawl before they walk, babble before they know how to talk, or hold and drop things before knowing how to draw a line. These processes do happen to all kids but may not be alike. Some children tend to obtain slowly, or on the other hand, show the tendency to be quick-witted and competen and early developers. Therefore, focusing on acquisition and developing skills of each child is the view of idividualization in raising and teaching activities. Concentrating on all ares of development so that children can be provided with compatible support


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Individualized Policy – teachers closely monitor the process of absorbing and enjoying learning of each child to create compatible support so that all children allowing them to follow the path of learning and development, KINDY CITY INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL applies Creative Curriculum Program of American Teaching Strategies being taught in many developed countries, with flexible learning methods and in particular, monitoring procedures that are comprehensive on playing activities, learning and resting. The advantage of learning through play method (Learning through Play) with the Creative Curriculum is children in KINDY CITY promote curiosity, acquire and build an early understanding gently but in a fundamentally, profound way ; and more importantly, the children learn how to learn, be passionate in learning and know how to behave well. Accordingly, the policy individualized learning is synonymous with the motto: “not a child neglected in upbringing activities in the schools.”


A recognizable difference in KINDY CITY is defined by a low number of students per class and the programs are delivered bilingually by expat and Vietnamese teachers. They take turns to support each child in all the playing and practicing activities. Here in KINDY CITY’s, learning content and skills training is regularly updated so that children have knowledge the same as that of kindergarten students in the advanced countries. This assures parents that their children are always learning and having increased opportunities and can develop evenly and freely, equal to the level of children in the world- from social-emotional, linguistic to aesthetic-creative . “


Preschool age means children of this stage start to acquire skills, so it influences on life of the child. Therefore, choosing a school for raising their child in early life is extremely important and the decision is not easy for any parent. To secure a friendly, safe environment that can awake capability of development and acquisition of their children, the best way is parents directly find out and exchange with schools around learning program and take a tour to see the conditions, and care practice. KINDY CITY Schools also advocates creating and maintaining regular communication channel between families with the school so that parents can learn more about the acquisition of their children, and, possibly support children at all times. KINDY CITY highly value the strong co-operation between school and family with the motto: “Your children are our main subjects to raise and teach!”




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