In order to avoid dangerous situations on the road, children should be educated on road safety from an early age beginning with how to use sidewalks safely.

Kindy City International Preschool carries out a Science project in ‘Roads Study’. This is for students to experience the social facets relating to traffic; the purpose; construction methods and the usages of different types of roads, bridges and tunnels along with their users and means of transport.

Interestingly, ‘Roads Study’ allows children to ride the toy-cars around campus, with the surroundings set up like the real road environment. This will encourage students to be more aware of the concept of road safety and the mobility of road users.

Learning about traffic plays a vital role in the child’s cognitive development: the students will not only gain basic knowledge about how to choose the appropriate means of transport but also step by step development of their consciousness on proper traffic behaviors and respect for traffic rules from an early age.

Let’s wait and see what this exciting activity at Kindy City International Preschool will be.


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