The development in nutrition and physical appearance are the two most important things for any toddler. We would like to invite concerned parents to participate in DISCUSSING WITH SPECIALIST, Session 1, with our speaker Dao Thi Yen Thuy M.D., sponsored by HCM City Nutrition Center, at KINDY CITY on April 18. 2015.

BS Yen Thuy

When talking about toddlers at preschool age, parents have hundreds of questions concerning the healthy development of their children. From simple ones as how to feed them with proper nutritious food to complicated ones relating to specific solutions to encourage them enjoy their meals better or help them on diet to avoid obesity. On a common point of view ordinary parents can figure out a balanced diet to help their small children develop properly and gain weight up to common standards. In reality, nutrition is the key point helping small children needed to their active activities, and also help them develop their mental life as a brighter and active child necessary to their future life.

It is different from 10 years ago when the popular topic of discussion was malnutrition in children, currently it is changed into how to control an overfed diet leading to overweight in toddlers. It causes a lot of concerns to preschools in their action plans and curriculum. Moreover, in recent years it tends to develop an overloaded in eating habits causing bad influences to general health conditions which finally results in diversified diseases in adulthood.

It is the reason why nutrition is not only a proper choice of a nutrition scheme, but also help children form a good eating habit for qualified lifestyle later.

Besides preparing outstanding activity plan for parents, KINDY CITY PRESCHOOL also has playful activities in charge by native and expat teachers for their children when visiting our school on this special day.

Registration is through the following channels of information from our consulting staff:

  • Address: 68 Tran Quoc Thao Str., District 3, HCM City (corner of Vo Thi Sau & Tran Quoc Thao)
  • Telephone: 3932 6164/65  or 090 630 6045 (Ms Thuy)
  • E-mail thuy.than@kindycity.edu.vn

The Board of Directors, teachers, and nursery nurses welcome all of you parents and children visiting us at KINDY CITY in the nearest future.



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