The balance bike race – a two-wheel pedal-less bike race – is the most competitive game in a chain of ROAD STUDY at Kindy City International Preschool. Children will become real athletes experiencing exciting competitions and healthy sportsmanship.

Cuộc đua xe chòi chân
The balance bike race

As the name suggests, the balance bike race teaches children the art of balance, and develops the gross motor skills.

The amazing balance bike race additionally motivates children to be physically active, which enables them to develop their interests in other sports.

The balance cycling practice helps children to gain the two hardest cycling skills – balance and steering – and to become more self-confident and independent.

Moreover, the balance cycling would perfect their senses such as sight, hearing, and touch through spatial awareness and observations.

Parents can spend time with their children on games related to the balance bike; in doing so, children become more attracted to outdoor activities than indoor advanced gadgets.





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