Learning and playing activities are not separated at kindergarten level. Whilst playing, students can exercise, apply lessons learnt to the real world and increase their experiences. Students can learn and understand more about themselves.



Through some target activities, students will gradually become more confident, resourceful and eager to join in group activities to experience and gain more knowledge. In addtion, they will give students the chance to build up their self-awareness and share memorable moments with friends from a young age.


The more active they are whilst playing, the more initiative they will take in learning.


Active Play – Active Learning Summer 2018 is a series of activities lasting 8 weeks (From June 4th to July 28th) to enhance children’ ability not only physically but also socially and through simple living values. Summer 2018 will have a strong emphasis on developing cognitive and creativity skills.


Joining Active Play – Active Learning gives children the chance to become more independent and help their confidence grow. This year’s school slogan in educating children throughout the summer months is: “Keep your child’s brain active this Summer”.


Currently, Kindy City is offering a 20% discount for the summer 2018 school fee.


For more information in terms of a friendly and safe learning environment, well equipped with the facilities to ensure the development of students in all areas, parents are advised to book a visit to Kindy Cityl. Before your final decision is made to register, we also would like to invite your child to the school to familiarise them with learning environment.


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