One of the many ways to encourage children to learn and develop their emotional-intelligence is to recognize and praise their efforts and achievements. We observe the children’s behavior, listen to their stories and share their comments and experiences. By listening intently when the children express themselves and offering support and praise we help to improve their self-confidence and encourage a friendly atmosphere.

To allow the parents the opportunity to recognize the children’s achievements, Kindy City International Preschool have organized the ‘Year End Celebrations 2015’. This celebration marks the successful end of the first 20 weeks of the teaching and development of the children and allows them to perform and express themselves creatively at a Christmas event with a welcoming and joyful atmosphere.


The ‘Year End Celebrations 2015’ allows the children to present the work they have completed over the last semester. Their work features crafts, puzzles and colourful art designs which were completed during weekly projects in class. The various crafts and products represents the range of themes covered over the past 20 weeks, including the EXERCISES, BOXES STUDY,  CLOTHES STUDY,  BALLS STUDY and TREES STUDY….


The children also designed and created parts of the costumes for the ‘Year End Celebrations 2015’. This is just an example of some of their creations over the past 20 weeks, other examples include paper sports equipment, Christmas decorations, pictures of animals that live in trees and some cute clothing for dolls to wear. The event not only allows parents to see how hard the children worked to create these products but also to observe the joy and confidence of the children when they are singing and dancing on stage.


“Tiny citizens” at Kindy City International Preschool are preparing for Christmas by making their own products

There will be several fun, Christmas themed games games for children of all levels to participate in, including a reindeer dash, snowman puzzle, fake snow and pass the parcel. While the children enjoy the game stations, the parents can attend a workshop entitled “Find out more about the assessment  in Creative Curriculum” which explains the methods used by the school to measure the children’s development. Additional, there will be a discussion on “Why science study is important for preschoolers?” focusing on the importance of science and how the children acquire science through practical activities, academic projects and parents suggestions at home.



The content of development and learning in all grades at KINDY CITY covering 10 learning and development aspects, whereby the inside and outside lessons and activities are combined into a unified series, intentionally review, consolidate and enrich both knowledge and learning skills of students.


The ‘End of Year Celebrations 2015’ provides a moment to looks back on the semester as a whole, as well as allowing time to strengthen the connection between parents, children, teachers and the educational community. The event presents the achievements gained in the past semester, rewarding the children as well as the efforts of the teachers and parents. The event celebrates the strong foundation of the children’s education and looks forward to enhancing their development throughout the next section of their journey.

Parents can find out more about the point of view of parenting as well as advanced, safe and friendly learning conditions at Kindy City International Preschool, please pay a visit and contact with the school as the adresses below:


District 3

68 Trần Quốc Thảo, Ward 7, District 3, HCMC

3932 6164 – 3932 6165


Tân Bình District

437 Cộng Hoà, Ward 15, Tân Bình District, HCMC

3812 1166 – 3812 1177





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